Downtown Tucson Neighborhood


Mary Lou Thompson is Homes & Land's Neighborhood Specialists for this area.

Downtown areas around North America have reinvented themselves as vibrant residential neighborhoods. What were once predominantly office centers with life only from 9 to 5 are becoming 24-hour/7-day places where people live, work, shop, and enjoy the arts, culture and entertainment.

Downtown Tucson is no exception. Ringed by historic residential neighborhoods, Downtown's commercial core is becoming a residential center as well. Lofts, condominiums, apartments, and single-family detached homes are all coming on the market in the Downtown area. From the Ice House Lofts in the industrial zone of Downtown's east side, to the converted convent that is now Academy Lofts on the south, to the Mercado District at Menlo Park on the west, Downtown housing is on the move. New residential developments will be under construction in the near future in the heart of Downtown's Congress Street District. Residents will be able to walk to enjoy professional theater, live music, sidewalk dining, concerts at the Tucson Convention Center, exhibitions at the Tucson Museum of Art, as well as shopping and special events.